West Brom stern after Berahino caught on video inhaling nitrous oxide


A night out turned into a dangerous situation for West Bromwich Albion striker Saido Berahino, and the club has dealt with it accordingly.

The club has condemned their 20-year-old’s inhalation of nitrous oxide, caught on tape during a night of partying.

Club technical director Richard Garlick released a statement saying, “I have spoken to Saido about the incident and told him in no uncertain terms that his conduct is not befitting a West Bromwich Albion player. Saido knows he has made a mistake. He has apologized for his actions and has assured the club it will not happen again.”

Berahino was videoed inhaling nitrous oxide from a balloon before becoming woozy and slumping over the wheel of his car.

According to a report in the Mirror, Berahino then decided to drive 120 miles to London to continue the partying.

Nitrous oxide is not illegal in England, but it can cause serious health concerns, including death from a lack of oxygen if used in excess.  It can also make a person woozy and even unconscious, certainly unfit conditions for driving.

West Brom did not mention a concrete punishment for Berahino in their release.

The youngster also released a statement saying, “This was very poor judgement on my part and not the right example to be setting. At the time, I wasn’t fully aware of the serious health risks involved but now I know, I won’t be doing it again.”

The incident is reminiscent of Tottenham defender Kyle Walker’s use of nitrous oxide in the run up to England’s draw with Ukraine in September.

Berahino has 8 goals in 30 appearances for the club this season, including 4 goals in 27 Premier League matches.