Crimes and Misdemeanors: Giancarlo Gonzalez’s dive draws MLS’s attention


Giancarlo Gonzalez had a very good game on Sunday, probably his best since coming to Major League Soccer. Thanks to this bit of gamesmanship in the 92nd minute, however, the Costa Rican’s athletic performance was overshadowed by his embarrassing foray into the fine arts. After this piece of embellishment against San Jose’s Chris Wondolowski (above), Gonzalez is the latest player to donate to MLS Works, with the league office announcing the Disciplinary Committee’s decision this afternoon.

As San Jose’s announcers pointed out, there were two other inane parts of the play. First is the initial hit on Wondolowski, a foul that could have given the Quakes a restart from a tricky but dangerous spot. Second, Gonzalez was already carrying a yellow card, with his initial foul and the embellishment daring referee Kevin Stott to reduce Columbus to 10.

Luckily for the Crew, their defender’s antics were overlooked. The league office, however, has lightened his wallet.