WATCH: Roberto Martinez’s stirring speech at Hillsborough memorial


Roberto Martinez made a lot of fans out of Liverpool supporters today, an incredible feat for any Evertonian.

Then again, the Toffees manager wasn’t part of an ordinary day, rather the memorial service for the Hillsborough 96.

His speech was equal parts soccer fan, Merseyside resident and fixture in the game. He remembered hearing about the disaster as a teenager in 1989 as “a football mad kid in a football-mad family.”

A selection:

“As a family, we couldn’t believe the pain and horror the families would get by receiving the news that their loved ones wouldn’t be coming home from a football match. How can anyone die watching the game they love? That isn’t right. That isn’t fair. What happened after wasn’t right or fair either. To have to fight for the good names of the ones you lost was appalling. But as my chairman said a year ago, the authorities took on the wrong city if they thought they were going to get away with that.”

Watch Martinez’s entire speech below, and click here for some memorable images from today’s service at Anfield.