Manchester City the best paid team in sport, beat New York Yankees to accolade


The best paid team in sport hails from Manchester, the blue half.

According to a report released by Sporting Intelligence, Manchester City pay $8.9 million to its first-team players per year, which equals $171,000 per week. On average.

City top the list of the top 10 best paid sports teams in the world, six are soccer teams, two are MLB franchises and two are NBA teams.

Here is the complete top ten and how much they pay their players, on average, per year.

1. Manchester City = $8.9 million

2. New York Yankees = $8.83 million

3. LA Dodgers = $8.58 million

4. Real Madrid = $8.37 million

5. Barcelona = $8.22 million

6. Brooklyn Nets = $7.52 million

7. Bayern Munich = $7.36 million

8. Manchester United = $7.25 million

9. Chicago Bulls = $6.70 million

10. Chelsea = $6.69 million

With three Premier League teams adorning the top ten of this list, it’s easy to see where the big money is in soccer.

However you would expect soccer teams to fall down this list in the coming years, as UEFA’s Financial Fair Play (FFP) rules come into effect. We’ve already seen Man City and Paris Saint-Germain among teams who are currently being investigated by UEFA for breaching the financial rules, so they’ll have to cut their cloth accordingly in the future.

Are you surprised to only see four U.S. sports teams in the top 10?