Valencia police issue Bale a “speeding ticket” for Copa Del Rey final goal


After Real Madrid defeated Barcelona in the Copa Del Rey finals 2-1 thanks to Gareth Bale’s insane solo goal in the 85th minute, the local law enforcement decided to have some fun.

With the game played in Valencia’s Mestalla Stadium, the Valencia police force issued Bale a fake speeding ticket for his race down the touchline past a helpless Marc Bartra, subsequently scoring the winning goal.

The ticket is made out to “Mr. Gareth Bale, RMCF [Real Madrid Club Futbol], 2014 Copa Del Rey champion.”

It reads:

“Reckless overtaking, crossing the continuous white line, and exceeding the speed limit.”

They went further, adding a vehicle description:

“Registration: 11” (his kit number)
“Class: A lot”
“Scores: and assists” (Scores is akin to make)
“Model: not at the moment”

They “fined” him 100 euros, because why not? Here’s a picture of the ticket:

Source: AS English twitter account

Also notice, they did not give a ticket to poor Marc Bartra, who was likely only traveling the speed limit when Bale whizzed by him. I’m sure the Valencia police

Unfamiliar with the goal that Bale was issued a speeding ticket for?  Here’s a look. Try not to blink: