WATCH: Blackpool coach sent off after hitting own player in face

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There are a lot of ways to be tossed out of a match, even for a coach; Disrespectful talk, physical gesticulation and headbutting players have all earned coaches trips to the stands.

Then there’s striking your own player.

That’s what happened in Blackpool’s bizarre 1-0 loss to Burnley this weekend, which ended with the Seasiders in the drop zone as part of a colossal second-half collapse (and also featured the tossing of dozens of tennis balls and tangerines onto the field by protesting fans).

Since the season began, the club has fired Paul Ince, sent Ince’s son packing to Crystal Palace and has basically degenerated into a shell of itself. And their chairman, Karl Oyston, has taken the blame even before dozens of citrus fruits and tennis balls hit the field in protest on Friday.

So here comes assistant coach Bob Malcolm who, after talking with a referee, decides to take a swing at one of his players, Stephen Dobbie, who is preparing to sub onto the pitch. The reports say Malcolm was angry with Dobbie for taking too long to warm-up for his substitution.

Who Ate All The Pies has the footage, and we’ll pass along this not-so-well executed Vine that features a Hello Kitty bag under the TV.

I barely care what the player said, or how hard the season has been: Malcolm has to be fired. With so few matches left to save their Championship status, the Seasiders don’t need those those two guys in the same building. On loan from Crystal Palace, Dobbie’s well-traveled and perhaps that’s for good reason. But you don’t hit a player.

Blackpool plays Brighton on Monday.