USMNT players prepare to settle slimy food bet in Seattle this weekend


It’s been quite a year for Shane O’Neill, as the 20-year-old Colorado Rapids defender earned his first US mens national team call-up after a strong MLS season.

And according to, O’Neill is set to encounter another new thing as he settles up a Super Bowl bet with fellow US youngster DeAndre Yedlin: his first gooey duck.

A gooey duck, or geoduck, is “the largest bivalve along Puget Sound and the largest burrowing clam in the world.” And while they aren’t quite bull calf testicles — the Rocky Mountain Oysters that Yedlin would’ve eaten had the Seattle Seahawks lost to the Denver Broncos — they do have a certain reproductive look to them (see above photo).

As the Rapids and Sounders prepare to hold a weekend duel in Seattle, Yedlin is making sure that O’Neill’s pregame digestive system includes the slimy clam.

Even better news? The bet dictates that O’Neill had to videotape the event. Now to be fair, these are eaten by many so chances are O’Neill’s really not into such an unsavory spot. And heck, a win on Saturday may make the gooey duck a prematch staple.