How many bodyguards will Cristiano Ronaldo have at World Cup?


If a team of ninjas, outlaws and kidnappers arrive for Cristiano Ronaldo in Brazil, they better have expertise and numbers.

The World Cup is a gift that keeps on giving, as attested to by this list of team and player requests for the 2014 edition in Brazil (from Brazilian news outlet Lance).

Without further ado:

– Japan wants a jacuzzi in every single room.

– Portugal wants six bodyguards, four specifically for Cristiano Ronaldo.

– Ecuador wants a basket of bananas in each room each day.

– Honduras is going to have faster WiFi than the norm.

– Uruguay wants “silent air conditioners” in every room (I prefer noisy).

– France thinks bar soap is for the birds and wants liquid soap in every player’s room.

– Colombia wants a team of Sao Paolo youth players for its training sessions.

From The Daily Mail:

Other requests include the respective nation’s TV channels in each room, high-speed internet and newspapers from around the globe delivered to the door. All rooms for players and team officials need to have a Koran.

England’s requests have not been revealed as yet, but we suspect Roy Hodgson will be asking for some tranquil relaxation music for when those penalty shoot-outs come about…