Form matters? Roy Hodgson has known his England squad “for a while”


All that talk about who’s making a late charge for the English squad may not have been worth your time, if Roy Hodgson’s telling the truth.

In what could be good news for some old standbys from qualification, the England manager said he’s known who will comprise his World Cup squad “for a while.”

Now, is that good news or bad news to your favorite player’s World Cup hopes?

From the BBC:

“[We need] to come away from that somewhat, in my opinion, frivolous idea that a coach watches matches week after week – works with players over two years and 25 games and then in the last couple of games of the season goes to watch a match and suddenly finds a player that had not played any point.

“It [Euro 2016] is in the back of my mind but not in the forefront,” he said. “If there are young players in the squad it will be because they can do a job now.

“It will then be a bonus in 2016 as they will be experienced and hopefully that will serve us in good stead, but I don’t intend to put them in the squad because of 2016.”

Could this be good news for players like Jermain Defoe and Jack Wilshere, players who have fought injuries and time away from first team football? Or how about Tom Cleverley, who played a role in qualification but has been heavily-criticized for his part in Manchester United’s floundering campaign.

Hodgson had lamented selection “headaches” after the March 5 friendly against Denmark, when he said this:

“It means headaches for me but it’s good news. I’m happy with their desire to get on that plane,” said Hodgson. “Raheem Sterling, Daniel Sturridge, Adam Lallana, Luke Shaw, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, even Jack Wilshere, all of those came out of the game with credit.”