There are many things Noel Gallagher would like to say to Liverpool

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He’s insulted everyone from Jonah Hill to Blur, Chicharito to Radiohead, and on Monday it was Luis Suarez and Steven Gerrard’s turn to take some verbal barbs from British rock star and Manchester City superfan Noel Gallagher, according to

Gallagher, formerly of Oasis and now of the High Flying Birds, is known for his critical comments (even of himself. Gallagher famously lambasted his own band’s videos on a DVD commentary).

And with City poised to win the Premier League by picking up four points over its last two matches, Gallagher was tickled to see Liverpool’s stars gutted by their handing away of a 3-0 lead at Crystal Palace on Monday.


“It was nice to see Suarez in tears at the end because he is a blatant cheat,” Gallagher said to talkSPORT. “It was an endearing image, Gerrard too.

“I can’t believe he [Suarez] won the Football Writers’ Award.

“They went 3-0 and got caught up in the emotion. Nobody wins by six or seven in the Premier League – unless you’re playing Tottenham or Arsenal.”

It’s relatively-tame from the man who penned “Don’t Look Back In Anger,” and clearly is cool with looking back in jest. Now to see if Man City finishes next weekend standing on the shoulders of giants.