Jurgen Klinsmann discusses selecting the U.S.’s preliminary World Cup roster

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A point in the World Cup cycle when every morsel of news is dissected, over-analyzed, and exhausted in search of hidden meanings, U.S. Soccer and Jurgen Klinsmann have provided some fuel for fans’ fires – a message that walked the line between obscure and informative.

Discussing the considerations that will go into deciding the U.S.’s 30-man roster, Klinsmann’s spends much of this minute-long video talking about factors that transcend a player’s form. What is his fit within the team? Personality-wise, is he a “giver” or a “taker”? Ultimately, you want to look at each player from every angle, hopefully ensuring the final decision is as fair as possible.

There are no clear answers as to who will be invited to Pall Alto, Calif., but those desperate to read the pre-roster tea leaves will see hints about Eddie Johnson’s future. They’ll get some insight into Maurice Edu’s chances to make a second World Cup. They’ll see some clues as to whether Brad Davis will be on the plane.

For the rest of us, this clip, made available on MLS Soccer’s web site, provides some idea of weight that’s on Jurgen Klinsmann’s shoulders.