Transfer Talk: PSG prepared to offer record fee for defender

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Paris Saint-Germain are one of the richest clubs in the world. And in case you’ve forgotten just how much money the French giants have to throw around, they’re set to remind you by paying bagloads of cash for David Luiz.

According to Transfermarkt, which generally sets a fairly reliable value on how much an individual soccer player is worth, Chelsea could expect a fee of around £23m ($38m) for the defender. Now, that’s already pretty high for the Brazilian, who sometimes makes some rather spectacular mistakes at the back.

However, David Luiz often great at getting forward, and his errors have certainly decreased. But is he really worth £40m?

That’s what PSG are rumored to be offering Chelsea, who paid £23.5m to Benfica in January 2011. Transfermarkt’s valuation aside, a slight uptick in price seems about right, particularly since he’s just turned 27.  But £40m? That’s $67m, more or less double what the defender is judged to be worth.

If this rumor is true, Chelsea should grab the money and run. They’re trying to tempt Diego Costa from Atlético Madrid, and he’s going to cost around $54m – plus there’s the cost of all his medical bills. Joking aside, Chelsea need to keep UEFA’s Financial Fair Play restrictions in mind, and securing a record fee for a defender would help them balance their books.

It would also likely be a better option for the Blues than that of selling to Barcelona, who would offer less money but tack on Alex Song as part of the deal. Chelsea are more interested in straight cash, money they can then use on the likes of Diego Costa, or other La Liga talents, such as Alberto Moreno or Filipe Luis.