Tom Ince could be the second in the family to play for Inter Milan


Premier Leaguers mentioned in the same breath as Inter Milan over the past couple months include Nemanja Vidic — who’se made it official — and Patrice Evra, but now it’s the son of English soccer royalty whose name is making the rounds.

Former Blackpool winger Tom Ince, who finished last season on loan to Crystal Palace, is in Milan to discuss playing with his father’s old club.

From the BBC:

“This is fantastic for me,” said Ince.

“I’m not an Inter player yet,” he added. “But I’m very happy to be here two or three days in the meantime.

“Inter have a fantastic squad and Italy is a great country, where I have many fond memories.”

What’s most surprising, really, is that Blackpool didn’t capitalize on a transfer earlier and will not make under $300,000 on the deal.

Ince has also been linked with Monaco and Olympiakos, according to the BBC report, though his father — former English captain Paul Ince — has said he’s excited at the possibility.