David Moyes thinks he needed more time at Manchester United


Sir Alex Ferguson was given plenty of time to settle into life as Manchester United manager. He arrived in 1986, with the side finishing 11th that season. In 1990, there were still calls for him to be sacked. It took until 1992-1993 for Ferguson to lead United to the title.

However Ferguson’s successor, David Moyes, had just ten months to make his mark at the storied club. Appointed in May 2013, he took the reigns July 1 found himself out by April. No wonder he feels slighted.

Ferguson himself filled Moyes in on the changes that needed to be made at Old Trafford. The former Everton manager set about trying to rebuild the team, but felt he did not have enough time to make his mark. Moyes said:

I believe I had nothing but support from Sir Alex during my short period as manager. When I succeeded him he advised me of some changes that had to be made. I took his advice on board and started to implement the changes and modernise certain aspects. I also became aware of other changes that were necessary and put plans in place. It was never going to all come together in a few weeks or months. It was unfortunate I wasn’t given more time to succeed.

When asked about his future, Moyes said he’d received offers, and had been tempted by a couple of them. He then went on to add, “However, I may still choose to have a break and enjoy watching and observing football throughout the world.”

Wherever he ends up, it’s unlikely Moyes will be allowed to stay on for years with no demonstrable success. It’s the way the modern game works, no matter much he may disagree with it.