WATCH: Zidane and Beckham vs. Bale and Moura in new adidas ad

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Ever want to see two former world-class players in street clothes take on a pair of youngsters in their prime all enclosed in a mansion?

No? Well you do now.

Thanks to adidas’s new commercial, filmed by Brazilian director Fernando Meirelles, we can now see what it would be like if old-timers David Beckham and Zinedine Zidane sparked up an impromptu match against Gareth Bale and Lucas Moura inside Beck’s house.

Beckham’s trophy case is sacrificed for our entertainment when Bale and Zidane blast it to smithereens, but oddly enough Beckham isn’t phased when his chandelier becomes the final victim at the end.

Bale felt bad about destroying the England legend’s house, tweeting afterwards that he may not be allowed back anytime soon:

At least he had fun!

One side note, Moura has a weird laugh, as seen in the beginning while he and Bale are playing FIFA, one that has the potential to get insanely annoying.

adidas has become the latest apparel company to step up to the plate after Nike set the bar pretty high with their quality World Cup ads.