Down 3-0 at half, reports say Ronaldo swapped shirts with Khedira?!?


Well, the game is pretty much over, but this is a bit much.

Down to 10 men and trailing 3-0 at halftime, reports are coming out of the Arena Fonte Nova in Salvador that Portugal captain Cristiano Ronaldo headed down the tunnel to trade shirts with Real Madrid teammate and Germany star Sami Khedira

This is one of many Tweets, and from The Irish Times’ Ken Early. The Washington Post confirms it.

It was also mentioned by Jon Champion on American TV coverage of the game, and it’s quite bizarre. Athletes live in a different world than us, but you’re telling me no one in the Portugal locker room does a double-take when they see the captain head into the locker room shirtless with a Germany jersey.

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I imagine the exchange went down like this:

“Hey, CRON, where’s your jersey?”

“Well, Sami said they’d probably be pulling me since we’re getting squashed and he wanted to make sure we traded shirts.”

Jeepers. Don’t think he’s “into the game” right now. Not so much, at least.