VIDEO: Joking that the USA will win the World Cup is daring to Zlatan


There is little more annoying on Earth than watching TMZ videos, but those pesky rascals prodded Zlatan Ibrahimovic into talking about the United States soccer team and so here we are talking about TMZ on PST.


The TMZ video reporter approaches Zlatan and opens with, “Is it hard watching the World Cup not being in it?” He then tries to get the big Swede’s comments on Landon Donovan being left out of the U.S. squad before being asked to pick a winner of the World Cup.

This follows:

Zlatan: “The U.S.A.”

Reporter:  “Are you kidding me? Is that a joke?”

Zlatan (walking away): “A big joke.”


So why do we bother posting it? Because you are going to hear that Zlatan ripped on the United States. And it isn’t entirely untrue, but it’s also meaningless. The guy was in the U.S., and was asked who would win the World Cup. He said the U.S. How zany.

Plus, predicting the surprise winner of the World Cup is definitely “daring to Zlatan.”