Clint Dempsey photobombs Jurgen Klinsmann, Brazilian police


If you’re a fan of the United States’ men’s soccer team, then you’ve likely already seen this magnificent photo of Clint Dempsey photobombing Jürgen Klinsmann as the coach posed for a photo with a group of Brazilian police officers.

But just in case you weren’t at a computer yesterday afternoon, when U.S. Soccer tweeted it out, we’ve got you covered. And even if you did see the photo, this one is worth viewing again. Dempsey, flying through the air, providing a bit of comic relief to what otherwise would’ve been just another ordinary photo.

In addition to this being a little bit of light relief before the USMNT heads into their game against Portugal on Sunday, it should also provide a bit of a boost for fans. The photo’s a bit blurred, but it looks like Dempsey doesn’t have any sort of bandage on his nose. It took the attacker less than thirty seconds to score the first goal for the U.S. against Ghana, but after a nasty collision with John Boye, he played the second half struggling to breathe properly, and said after he’d been coughing up blood occasionally.

U.S. Soccer confirmed earlier this week that Dempsey fractured his nose, but it appears it’s not hindering his spirit. That has to be a good sign. Portugal may be missing some of their best players, and Cristiano Ronaldo may not be at full strength, but Klinsmann – and fans – will want the USMNT firing on all cylinders regardless.