Brazil 1-1 Chile: we’re headed into extra time!


It’s our first match of the knockout stages, and we’ve already got our first glimpse of added extra time! Yes, Brazil and Chile have played out a draw through the relegation 90 minutes, which means we’re on for 30 more minutes of fun.

The first half was full of excitement. Brazil scored after less than twenty minutes. It looked as though Gonzalo Jara stuck the ball in the back of his own net, but David Luiz celebrated getting the final touch, and in the end, the goal was awarded to the Brazilian.

Chile came storming back, however, and equalized shortly after the 30-minute mark. Brazil managed to mess up a throw-in mere yards from their own goal, allowing Chile to regain possession. Brazil foolishly allowed the ball to fall to Alexis Sánchez, who of course took advantage. Júlio César dove to his right, but it was too late to stop the equalizer from finding the back of the net.

Of course, the match slowed down somewhat during the second half. Hulk had the ball in the net, but Howard Webb called it back for a handball, awarding a yellow in the process. While both sides had their chances, neither were able to convert.

Which is fantastic for the neutrals. In order to avoid penalties, both sides will need to press forward, and both sides will attempt to capitalize on the gaps left behind.

Remember, there’s no golden goal in added extra time, so the additional thirty minutes (divided into two halves) will be played out no matter what. Should there be no deciding goal, the winner will be determined through a penalty shootout, based on whichever side scores more of their allotted five spot-kicks.