WATCH: Jack McInerney scores head-scratching goal against Houston


……..what just happened?

That was everyone’s question when the ball found the back of the net in the 75th minute at Saputo Stadium.

Jack McInerney most certainly didn’t intend on this happening, and if he did, well…Louis van Gaal should be calling soon.

Justin Mapp beat Corey Ashe on the right flank, and his cross came to McInerney in the box. It appears that Jack Mac tries to do…something, we’re not quite sure what. Maybe control the ball? Maybe touch to a teammate?

Whatever he tried to do, it likely didn’t happen. Instead, the ball miraculously looped over Tally Hall, hit the post up in the top corner, and went in.


McInerney, nor the rest of the player on the pitch, are at all sure what happened, but eventually it sinks in with the Montreal players that a goal had been scored and they should be happy about it.

Montreal won 3-0 thanks to a brace from McInerney, pulling them level with Chicago at the bottom of the Eastern Conference standings and drawing within three of Houston.