Chilean commemorates World Cup miss with Mighty Ducks-like tattoo


Mauricio Pinilla had, at a minimum, two major chances to lift Chile past Brazil in their World Cup Round of 16 match over the weekend.

The first was his 119th minute shot rattling off the frame of the net, and the second was his penalty kick saved by Julio Cesar.

The match was decided in Brazil’s favor when Gonzala Jara’s final kick hit the inside of the post and rocketed out. At the time, I remarked to another child of the “Mighty Ducks” era that, in the words of D-5 coach Gordon Bombay, “A quarter of an inch, Charlie, a quarter of an inch.”

Well, Pinilla is bringing those moments together in permanent form and, as The Big Lead astutely points out, the wording under the ink is a very cinematic and similar, “One centimetre from glory.”


Hopefully the tattooer turned to him and said, “but a centimetre the other way and you would’ve missed completely.”

We can only hope