VIDEO: The story of Alfredo Di Stefano, a global soccer icon



One of the greatest players to ever grace the earth passed away on Monday.

Alfredo Di Stefano is no longer with his.

The Argentine-born superstar passed away at the age of 88 after his stunning playing career with Real Madrid made him one of the most recognizable names on the planet. His talent as a player, then as a charismatic honorary president, made him the face of Real.

His death is a huge loss to the soccer community across the planet.

To revel in Di Stefano’s brilliance, watch the stunning documentary above that showcases his life as a soccer star. Some of the greatest players to ever play the game all reserve special praise for the man who made Real Madrid into one of the giants of the global game.

Portugal’s Eusebio, who passed away earlier this year: “Di Stefano… my hero. For me, he was the most complete footballer in history. That’s my opinion.”

England’s all-time leading scorer Bobby Charlton: “Pele is the most naturally gifted. Maradona could claim to be the best player in the world has ever seen. But whenever I’m asked, I say that if I had to be anybody playing in another career, it would be Alfredo Di Stefano.”

The tributes continue to pour in for Di Stefano, as the man himself makes plenty of appearances throughout the near 30 minute documentary. As a  man, he inspired millions with his personality off the pitch too. He was a true winner.

I urge you to sit back and drink in the aura of greatness that surrounds the man who played for Argentina, Spain and Colombia. He scored in five-straight European Cup finals in five-straight victories for Real Madrid. He was truly a legend.

He is one of the greatest players the world has ever seen, the video above is a fitting tribute to his life.