Zuniga offered security after threats received following Neymar foul


Juan Camilo Zuniga has been offered security from the Colombian Football Federation following threats he has received for the foul that resulted in Neymar’s broken vertebrae.

Despite Zuniga’s challenge on the Brazilian star lacking intent, FIFA ruling that he would not be retrospectively punished for the clash, and the 28-year-old Colombian’s sending well-wishes to Neymar for a speedy recovery, it seems some fans are not satisfied and have taken to social media to attack Zuniga.

This behavior, along with select current and ex-players for Brazil calling the tackle “cowardly” and “evil”, has prompted the Colombian Football Federation to issue a media statement condemning the behavior.

From Reuters:

“The Colombian Football Federation rejects all threats and insults against the player Camilo Zuniga and his family,” the national body said in a statement.
“It reiterates it will continue taking all actions with the appropriate security and government organs to give the necessary guarantees to the player, for both his time in Colombia and his permanent residency in Italy.”
Zuniga’s club, Serie A side Napoli, have also expressed solidarity with the player saying he does not deserve the “ferocious criticism” he has received for an “unfortunate … but not malicious” incident.
Zuniga is currently on holiday in Colombia and is due to return to Italy in days.