Cambridge University reveals the three most-used words for US’s World Cup team


Okay, don’t scroll down yet. Have a go yourself at answering this question before you look at the actual answers.

Question: What three words would you use to describe the USA’s World Cup performance?

Give yourself a moment… if so, resurrect those feelings from the past few weeks and turn them into utterances. Three, to be exact.

“USA: Determined. Heroic. Courageous.” 

Jackpot. Aren’t those the three words citizens dream about when asked how their country is viewed by the world? I think so.

The clever clogs’ over at Cambridge University Press have been doing some research of the media and found the three most-used words to describe each World Cup team. Below is  the table they compiled showing how the WC effort of each nation can be summed up in three words.

Any surprises there?

Uruguay… ouch. England… not so good. Germany… typical.

Have a gander at this list, it is pretty spot on.

Source: Cambridge University