Beckham visits Manchester United; Team responds with many ‘selfies’

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It’s almost as if David Beckham has posed for loads of photos in his life.

The Manchester United legend stopped by his former club’s U.S. tour on Tuesday, promptly snapping photos with several big names, new and old.

And, as if he were a cardboard cutout, he has managed to make the same face in every single photo. From Herrera to De Gea and from Mata to Giggs and van Gaal, Becks looks exactly the same.

Hand just above the shoulder, genuine-looking smile, hair-coiffed.

Viva la Becks:


To recap: Regardless of how famous you are, you get your photo taken with David Beckham when David he shows up. And he’s going to give you the gold. Don’t believe us? Ask Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson:

Slight variation on the hand placement — Becks don’t reach — but otherwise… like a cutout.