PHOTOS: What if your college was a professional soccer team? They could look like this


This craze is sweeping social media and we love it here at PST.

What if your college was a professional soccer team? What would the jersey look like?

From CSN Chicago, they picked this up from Kevin Ives’ designs that he posted to Twitter (@AUPPL).

Now everyone is having a go at designing their college’s jerseys in the style of soccer shirts. Of course most of these schools already have soccer teams, so perhaps they could take a peek here and follow these designs?

Look below to see all Ives’ designs as the likes of Penn State, Iowa, Nebraska, Minnesota, Georgia, Maryland, Texas, Ohio State, Kentucky, Michigan State and more are included. So far Ives has designed concepts for the Big 10, Big 12 and SEC.

Note: the cleverly placed commercial advertising on the shirts, as each college is sponsored by a leading local company.

BIG 10 concepts

BIG 12 concepts

SEC concepts