Report: Carlos Tevez’ stepfather freed by Argentine kidnappers


The BBC is reporting that after being kidnapped and held for eight hours the stepfather of Argentine forward Carlos Tevez has been freed.

Juan Alberto Cabral was kidnapped this morning by a group of men while driving his car in town of Moron, 19 miles west of Buenos Aires. Tevez’s family was then phoned and told to deliver a ransom of $5,000 (40,000 pesos).

Local media claims the ransom was paid, a report that neither the family nor the authorities have confirmed.

It is also unknown unclear whether the kidnapping was pre-meditated or if the kidnappers were simply targeting an expensive-looking car.

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Upon hearing the news, Tevez reportedly left Italy to travel to Argentina. Mr. Cabral, who raised Tevez after his biological father was killed when he was younger, is said to be doing “OK” following the incident.