Video: Pepe spits on Keita; Latter claims past racial slur


Alternate title: Pepe’s among the worst.

Now that the 31-year-old defender is done sabotaging his country’s chances to emerge from Group G at the World Cup, Pepe has gone back to his more simple pursuit: ruining a tremendously-talented career by being a terrible person.

Given a red card in Portugal’s World Cup opener for head butting Thomas Mueller, Pepe now allegedly spit on AS Roma midfielder Seydou Keita at Monday’s friendly between the clubs in Texas.

Keita has claimed he was the victim of a Pepe racial slur back in 2011, and this will do little to smooth things over.

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To clear things up, here’s what you are about to see in the following non-English language video:

1) Keita refuses to shake Pepe’s hand

2) Pepe walks by Keita and makes a spitting motion at him

3) Keita throws a water bottle at Pepe

Here are the comments from Keita after the incident (From MARCA):

“Back when I played for Barça he called me a macaque, i.e. a monkey. From that moment onwards, I’ve seen him as a good-for-nothing. I haven’t spoken about it in public before because it wasn’t worth it, but that’s why I didn’t want to shake his hand.”

Keita added that he had informed his teammate Mehdi Benatia of his intentions.

“It’s unacceptable for someone to spit at me. I really don’t see why I should have to shake his hand, since in his eyes I’m not a human being,” the veteran railed.

“I have no interest in discussing things with a person who doesn’t consider me a human being. The way he behaves is out of order. Instead of coming over and asking me why I didn’t shake his hand, he chose to spit at me,” insisted the former Camp Nou favourite.

There has been yet to be a comment from Pepe. Even without the video, Yahoo’s Brooks Peck reported that the fourth official claimed he saw Pepe spit at Keita. Could Pepe find himself suspended?