Olave suspended two matches, Cahill and Morales fined for incident Wednesday

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There’s plenty of opinions surrounding the incident Friday between the New York Red Bulls and Real Salt Lake, but Major League Soccer has made its thoughts known, and that’s the only opinion that matters.

Red Bulls defender Jámison Olave has been suspended two games for his grab below Olmes Garcia’s belt, which MLS deemed “violent conduct.”

The grab is unquestionably there when you look at video replay, but referee Mark Geiger failed to punish Olave during the game.

Geiger did give Garcia a yellow card for simulation, after he pretty clearly embellished the incident.

It provoked a scuffle between Tim Cahill and Javier Morales just above Garcia in a crumpled heap, and the pair received fines “for violating the League’s policy regarding hands to the face/head of an opponent.”  Morales, defending his player from Cahill’s wrath, placed his hands on the Australian’s neck, and Cahill shoves back.

The question now becomes will MLS suspend Geiger, who failed to punish the initial incident by Olave, which admittedly was a swift and clandestine one that may have been difficult to see from any given angle. There was no mention of the 39-year-old referee in the MLS release today.

Geiger this summer became the first American referee to officiate a World Cup knockout round match.