Bastia releases deplorable double-edged “condemnation” of Brandão’s headbutt

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Ligue 1 club SC Bastia tried to quell a media firestorm over striker Brandão after the 34-year-old veteran executed his own version of Order 66 on PSG’s Thiago Motta.

Brandão waited for the PSG midfielder in the tunnel and targeted Motta with a headbutt which resulted in a broken nose.

Now, the club has issued the following statement, complete with a moronic caveat at the end which completely undercuts the basis of the statement:

In this statement, SC Bastia unequivocally condemns the gesture of striker Brandao on Thiago Motta after the final whistle of the match between PSG and Bastia. Pending additional news, Sporting reserves any possibility of further action in this matter.

Each club at some point in its history may be faced with unacceptable actions of one of its employees. The officers, staff, and players in now way reflect the actions of this individual and the authorities have the power to impose sporting sanctions.

May we however simply be allowed to lament the equally unacceptable behavior of some players who are constantly insulting and provoking their opponents.

We therefore call on all parties to exercise restraint so that the matter be dealt with in the most fair and equitable way there is.

No, Bastia, you may not lament the “equally unacceptable behavior.” The fact that the club would even come close to equating the sledging of a player on the pitch to a physical assault which, quite frankly, would hopefully be followed up by the police with a legal charge, is simply appalling.

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Sure, the club is trying to protect its own player, but in this instance, there is simply no protecting or defending what he did by telling us he was riled up by “constant insulting and provoking.”

In what seems like a trivial statement, Bastia have proven they don’t fully grasp the seriousness of what occurred in the tunnel after the match.

Hopefully there will be a swift and long suspension for a player, as there is simply no place for the intentional injuring of an opponent, especially outside the playing field.  While I don’t think PSG President Nasser Al-Khelaifi will get his wish that the player be banned for life, there’s certainly a chance Brandão doesn’t play again this season and at 34 years old his career could end up in shambles.

UPDATE: PSG has responded, saying they appreciate the gesture but are surprised that Bastia has not sanctioned the player whatsoever.  The Parisians called Brandão’s headbutt an “extremely violent gesture [which] is inexcusable and calls for exemplary sanctions from the football league’s Disciplinary Commission.”