VIDEO: Ba hits the bar from midfield off opening kickoff vs Arsenal


Londoners know a bit about new Besiktas striker Demba Ba, what with the Senegalese national teamer having plied his trade for both Chelsea and West Ham United.

But Ba nearly put another London club, Arsenal, in an embarrassing spot when he blasted this long-range effort off the crossbar in Tuesday’s UEFA Champions League playoff tie.

Ba, 29, swung his leg through the ball an instant after it was put into play, and Gunners keeper Wojciech Szczesny scrambled back toward his line. Fortunately for him, the ball beat him but not the pipe.

And it impressed:

From another angle:


Anyone who’s taken a kickoff has had the thought to try this cross their minds, and many have tried it. But a UCL playoff against Arsenal? Attaboy, Demba.