Mourinho believes Chelsea needs a certain “DNA” to become champions

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Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho saw his squad defeat Leicester City, 2-0, in front a home crowd at Stamford Bridge on Saturday, and while the Blues did show their capabilities in their past two matches, enough to put them near the top of the Premier League standings, the Portuguese boss maintained that consistency across a whole game will allow them to truly vie for the No.1 league spot.

“Football is about adapting to everything, but the reality is that our way of thinking about football, the DNA we want in our team, is this one we are trying to show, maybe not for 90 minutes yet, but we are showing in some moments,” Mourinho said, per Sky Sports.

For Mourinho, Chelsea must play the game light-footed and quick, what he asserts is his side’s playing style, and the Blues have met those standards so far.

“We started the second half at 0-0, but never lost our identity, we never started playing in a different way, we are a pass-and-move team when we have the ball. We are doing that, we believe in that.”

Still, Chelsea can’t succumb to laziness, especially since they’ve compete against two subpar squads. Manchester City and Arsenal, among others, won’t let Mourinho’s crew walk all over them, as a more focused effort from every position across the pitch will be required.

“The players are enjoying it, obviously we need to be more intense, defensively as well, we need to pass more, attack the man with the ball more. We need to improve more in many details, but the basic things are there.”