Usain Bolt says he influenced Mario Balotelli’s transfer to England


Usain Bolt was a notable athlete pushing Italian striker Mario Balotelli to leave Serie A in Italy to head back to the EPL in England.

“We were speaking the other day and I told him that England is the best place to play football,” Bolt told ESPN.

Balotelli already has experience in the Premier League with his three-year stint at Manchester City from 2010-2013 when he tallied 20 goals in 54 games played. He was then moved to AC Milan for only one and half seasons, before heading to Liverpool this summer for a $26.1 million transfer fee.

In his time at Milan, Balotelli was one of their more dynamic scorers, and the Liverpool faithful hopes that he can his scoring abilities, and possibly more, to the English side.

Bolt believes that a transition may need to happen for the 24-year-old to have a huge impact, and known for his ardent support of Manchester United, he joked that Liverpool beating United wouldn’t be nice. He also dished out a little bit of insight regarding the Red Devils current and future state.

“It will be difficult for the team to adopt to the new system but with time everything will get better,” the Jamaican insisted. “For me, as long as he makes a couple of errors when he plays against United, everyone will be happy! Manchester United must get back among the top four. Although they won’t win the league, they must return to the Champions League. Then, next season we will be good enough to go for the title.”