VIDEO: Mario Balotelli wants kids to have a great first day of school


Back in the day if you wanted to get a greeting from your favorite sports hero to mark a special occasion, you needed to go through the hassle of ordering a cassette tape and waiting for it to arrive.

Let’s have cake together, Kevin Maas. This February 19, come to Buffalo. We’ll grab some soda pops and cake, and I’ll take you for some great potato pancakes.

Well now you can have your special occasion marked instantly thanks to the Internet, and Liverpool striker Mario Balotelli is your guy if your kid (or you) are starting school soon.

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Here’s the video ‘Balo’ posted to his Instagram account, one that I presume has several of his former teacher spewing whatever they are drinking all over their keyboards:

“Study hard and play harder. I wish all children good luck for your first day of school.”

Now I’d like to present a list of a few soccer celebrities and holidays I would like to see come together via Internet greeting.

1) Luis Suarez and Thanksgiving, “Happy Thanksgiving to all my American fans. Having a bite allowed me to spend more time with my family. And now you can have both on one day.”

2) John Terry and Valentine’s Day, “I’d like to wish all the women of the world, and all my teammates wives, a fantastic V-Day. Call me.”

3) Sepp Blatter and Presidents Day, “I am not American, but I am a President. And there is nothing wrong with taking gifts in advance of a special occasion.”