Diego Simeone defends physicality level of Atletico Madrid


Atletico Madrid has often been seen as an overly physical side, and some viewers believe that their aggression is not warranted in the sport of soccer because it gives them an unfair advantage.

Manager Diego Simeone sees this style of play as “natural”, and one of his points leads to a thought: if the referees don’t call what is supposed to be called, then the fault partially falls on the referee. Then again, not every penalty is called, so dictating the pace and outcome of the game with hard challenges is certainly possible.

“I see Atletico’s way of playing as a natural path,” the Argentine told a news conference. “You can discuss about or having an opinion, but this is football where there is a lot of contact between the players. After that there is a referee who must assess which challenges are illegal.”

“We are not a violent side although we are a team with a lot of work putting pressure and playing with intensity.”

Simeone continued to say that his squad’s imposing technique ultimately propelled them to the top, and in order to stay there, his players must sustain their method of football.

“Those were our weapons to gain respect from every team last year. Hopefully this year we keep on fighting because that was our line last year for achieving everything we did the years before.”