Mexican politician hurls alleged racist abuse at Ronaldinho after Queretaro move


Alleged racist abuse from a Mexican politician has marred Ronaldinho’s debut for Mexican side Queretaro.

On Friday night the former Barcelona star made his debut in Liga MX and fans across the central Mexican city were scrambling to see the 34-year-old Brazilian forward in action for the first time.

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That meant traffic chaos heading to the game vs. Puebla and politician Carlos Trevino reportedly launched a racist attack towards Ronaldinho as the huge number of people heading to the game saw him stuck in heavy traffic delays.

Our friends at Soccerly have the details below, as Trevino will have to explain his comments after posting a message on Facebook but since deleting it.

Mexican politician Carlos Trevino took to his Facebook to complain about the heavy traffic in Queretaro that the Club Queretaro vs Puebla FC match caused last Friday night. In his rage over the traffic, Trevino issued some racist comments about the new Gallos Blancos signing Ronaldinho.

I seriously try to be tolerant, but I HATE SOCCER, and the idiotic phenomenon it produces…  I hate it even more because people get in the way and flood the streets making me take up to two hours just to get home… And all just to see a MONKEY… A Brazilian monkey, but a monkey nonetheless. This is has become a ridiculous circus.

Mr. Trevino has since deleted the post from his Facebook page, but Club Queretaro will be seeking punishment for the politician. The club issued a statement:

To the public and members of the press: 

Racial discrimination is a grave social expression that hurts the dignity of the people. That is why Club Gallos Blancos of Queretaro heavily condemns all forms of racism and discrimination. 

Racism, xenophobia, gender inequality, and other forms of discrimination are acts of violence that we as a society must eradicate.  

After the shameful publication of a public figure, Carlos Manuel Treviño Núñez, through social media insulting our player Ronaldo de Assis Moreira “Ronaldinho” we call upon the authorities to handle the matter. We as a club will go to the furthest reach of the law so that these types of expressions never affect our players or any member of our club again. 

In our institution we stick to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which states in its first article ‘All human beings are free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another’. 

That is why we seek and exemplary punishment.”