Rio Ferdinand slams ex-Manchester United manager David Moyes


Up until now, we haven’t heard too much about what really happened behind the scenes last season at Old Trafford. Until now.

Former Manchester United defender Rio Ferdinand, who captained Queens Park Rangers in their 4-0 defeat to United on Sunday, has spilled the beans on David Moyes’ disastrous time in charge of the Red Devils.

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In his book titled “#2Sides” Ferdinand has already lambasted John Terry for the alleged racist abuse his former England teammate directed at Rio’s younger brother Anton during a Premier League match in 2011. The long-time United defender who spent over a decade at Old Trafford, captaining the side under Sir Alex Ferguson plus winning the Champions League and numerous PL titles, was clearly upset with Moyes’ time in charge.

Now he has laid the boot into Moyes, claiming the Scotsman had no clear philosophy when in charge of United last season and his tactics confused the players.

Below are a few excerpts released by the Sun newspaper, who are currently serializing Ferdinand’s book.

On the vibe created by Moyes…

“He tried to impose a vision but never seemed to be completely clear what that vision should be. Unintentionally, he created a negative vibe where, with Fergie, it had always been positive. It was always how to stop the other side. Moyes set us up not to lose. We’d been accustomed to playing to win.”

On a video session with Vidic…

“Me and Vida came out of there and looked at each other. ‘I don’t know what the **** he has just asked us there,’ I said.”

On over-preparing for the opposition teams…

“On the morning of a game we’d spend half an hour on the training ground, drilling to stop opponents. There was so much attention to the subject that it suddenly became a worry – that must be ******* good at this to have us spend this much time on it.”

On Moyes insistence to play long ball…

“Moyes’s innovations mostly led to negativity and confusion. The biggest confusion was over how he wanted us to move the ball forward. Often he told us to play it long. Some players felt they kicked the ball long more than at any time in their career. Sometimes our main tactic was the long, high, diagonal cross. It was embarrassing. In one home game against Fulham we had 81 crosses! I was thinking, why are we doing this? Andy Carroll doesn’t play for us!”

On his obsession with how many passes were made…

“The whole approach was alien. Other times Moyes wanted lots of passing. He’d say: ‘Today I want us to have 600 passes in the game. Last week it was only 400’. Who cares? I’d rather score five goals from 10 passes.”

On training at a public park, then dropping Ferdinand before the Champions League decider vs. Bayern…

“It killed me. Inside I wanted to scream and grab him. I’m a team player, so I just had to bite my tongue and stand there. But it was probably the worst single moment I ever had at United. I’d never been dropped for a big game like that – and to drop that on me in front of everybody.”