Report: FA to overhaul work permit rules to cut down on non-EU players


A report in The Times has revealed that English FA chairman Greg Dyke plans to completely redo the rules on work permits for players from non-European Union countries.

The plans, the report states, would slash the amount of players in the Premier League from non-EU countries by a massive 50%, and would eliminate them from the lower leagues entirely.

Dyke would plan to, among other things, restrict visa applicants to those in the top 70 FIFA-ranked countries, and institute a minimum transfer fee (thought to be between $16-24 million) that would enable a player from any country to bypass the system and come through to a team.

He believes that the number of “mediocre” players from abroad is restricting young English talent from being developed properly, a potential cause of the downturn the country’s national team has taken.

Dyke revealed in May that of the 122 non-EU players who had come to England since 2009, 79% were denied upon first entry but were allowed in on the appeals process.

These new rules would seriously hinder the ability of a player from the United States to make his way over to the Premier League without dual citizenship of an EU country. With the current rules, we saw Stoke City fail in their attempts to bring young Juan Agudelo to England’s top flight, as the club believed he fit the criteria but they were unable to secure a work permit for him.

The report states Dyke is hopeful his new rules would be streamlined through to be implemented at the start of next season.  It’s unclear whether current players would be grandfathered in, or if they would have to reapply for a work permit.