Rio: Twenty mins after David Moyes was fired, lads wanted banned fish and chips back


As readers scan the pages of Rio Ferdinand’s latest book “#2sides”, more and more bizarre tidbits from the David Moyes regime at Manchester United are hitting the media.

And while there are plenty of fair indictments on the manager — see JPW’s post earlier this week — this latest gem inspires plenty of eye-rolling toward Ferdinand and his teammates.

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It seems the Red Devils players couldn’t handle the idea of not eating fish and chips the night before a match. They just needed them, you know? And with all the post-match fish-and-chips testing done around the Premier League, they couldn’t just, you know, eat fish and chips and get away with it.

From The Independent:

In an extract serialised by The Sun, Ferdinand admits that the squad had become deeply unhappy with Moyes’ tenure – and in particular his ban on the players eating chips the night before a game.

“It’s not something to go to the barricades over (the chips). But all the lads were p****d off,” said Ferdinand. “And guess what happened after Moyes left and Ryan Giggs took over?

“Moyes has been gone about 20 minutes, we’re on the bikes warming up for the first training session and one of the lads says: ‘You know what? We’ve got to get on to Giggsy. We’ve got to get him to get us our f*****g chips back.’”

And you know what? If in fact Giggs gave those precious chips back to those precious lads right away, they went out and beat Norwich 4-0 (subsequently losing to Sunderland 1-0, but we digress).

Ferdinand makes it clear that the chips weren’t a major problem, but it is fairly funny to think that the first things ‘one of the lads’ (Rio?) said once Moyes was gone was, “Let’s get our chips back!!”

Not “Now we can focus on our own style and not the opposition”, or “Now we can play more possession”, but “Chips, man. Chips!”

Have to wonder whether Daley Blind, Angel Di Maria and company got chips before they thumped Ferdinand’s QPR this weekend… or whether the pure class of players brought in this summer was slightly more important than the weak wills in the Old Trafford room last season.