Pep Guardiola on Manchester United: ‘They don’t have enough money’


In an offseason that saw Manchester United splurge out over $240 million on transfers, one man believes they didn’t have quite enough.

Pep Guardiola recently criticized United’s spending spree, which initially had targets from his Bayern Munich squad. Rumors linked Manchester United with Bastian Schweinsteiger, Arjen Robben and Thomas Muller, but the trio ended up staying in Munich. United also targeted Toni Kroos, but he chose to sign with Carlo Ancelotti and Real Madrid. Ahead of their Champions League matchup with United’s rivals Manchester City, Guardiola had this to say on why United couldn’t get any deals done.

“They don’t have enough money.”

Short and sweet answer from Pep. It’s hard to think that a club that just spent over $200 million and signed a $1 billion deal with Adidas wouldn’t have enough money, but that’s European football. Guardiola would later go on to say the players wanted to stay at Bayern, and in the end, it usually comes down to the player’s demands.

While Guardiola congratulated Louis van Gaal on his summer of spending, he also gave an open statement to all the big clubs throughout Europe. With Manchester United out of the Champions League, Pep made it clear that you can’t get too comfortable when you’re at the top.

“It’s a good lesson for the big clubs. They think we are unbeatable, we are so historic, we are so strong and every year we will be there. That’s why it is magnificent. After you have a bad 45 minutes, you are out.”

Guardiola beat out van Gaal to two key signings this summer, including Moroccan defender Mehdi Benatia and Spanish midfielder Xabi Alonso. These players strengthen a squad that won the Bundesliga last season by 19 points and has been to three of the last five Champions League finals.