Jose Mourinho wants Manchester City’s title taken away, points deducted


Jose Mourinho is not a happy man.

Ahead of Chelsea’s trip to Manchester City on Sunday (Watch live on NBCSN, 11 a.m. ET and online via Live Extra), Mourinho has spoken about City’s breach of UEFA’s Financial Fair Play (FFP) rules.

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Manuel Pellegrini’s men exceeded the amount they could spend on transfers, wages and other costs last season and were handed a fine and other restrictions such as a smaller squad in the UEFA Champions League and limited transfer funds.

Mourinho, ever the antagonist, doesn’t think those punishments are enough.

“Are the fines fair? I don’t think so. What is fair is to remove points and titles,” Mourinho told reporters. “If you have capital as a club, that allows you to overcome Financial Fair Play. If you win titles and are then penalised economically, you just continue.

“If you have to take one or two players off your list for the Champions League and instead of going with 24 go with 22, no problem. But say you start the next championship with six points deducted, which means that you don’t play the Champions League but in the Europa League – that is more complicated. The teams that benefit from this are the most powerful economically, with more history and more followers. Right now, with FFP, Chelsea cannot cheat. So we have become a team like any other, managing our resources in a rational manner.”

It’s not like Mourinho to wind things up the day before a big game between the two favorites for the Premier League title, is it? No. Not at all….

Mind games or not, Mourinho does have a point. With City’s seemingly endless stash of cash, are fines and squad restrictions really going to deter their wealthy Abu Dhabi based owners to stop breaking the FFP laws? Probably not.