Manchester City’s Zabaleta believes Diego Costa luckily escaped red card


Pablo Zabeleta was issued a red card in Manchester City’s draw to Chelsea on Sunday. While the Argentina international is sorry for his actions that could’ve significantly altered the game against his squad, he firmly stated his opinion that Chelsea striker Diego Costa should’ve been sent off as well.

The defender had two yellow cards go against him, and the second one involved a scuffle with Costa, who put his hands around Zabaleta’s neck briefly as pictured below.

“I would like to apologize to everyone for my red card today,” one of Zabaleta’s tweets read.

He then followed that up with another tweet calling out Costa, revealing photographic evidence. “However after seeing this image I can’t believe that Diego Costa remained on the pitch.”

Frank Lampard drew City level in timely fashion at the 85-minute mark, and the final result of the contest was 1-1. Slotted in first place, Chelsea has separated itself from Southampton in the next spot by three points. Meanwhile, reigning Premier League champion Manchester City, now in eight place, will look to string some wins together and climb into the Champions League qualification zone.