Criminal? FIFA’s report into alleged 2018, 2022 World Cup corruption not public


With FIFA’s internal report into alleged corruption during the biding process for both the 2018 and 2022 World Cups not being made public, plenty of people are up in arms.

American lawyer Michael Garcia filed his report in early September but the public will not get to see it and a decision on the report will not come until the spring of 2015. Is that right?

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Apparently, folks, FIFA decides what is right or wrong. However, one British politician has taken exception to that and has demanded that the British government obtain a copy of the report so that FIFA officials can face criminal charges, if necessary.

From the BBC’s website, here’s what Conservative MP Damian Collins thinks about the entire process, as FIFA tries to internalize any knowledge or findings of corruption from its executive members.

“FIFA seems to believe it is a self-governing body that operates outside the jurisdiction of international and national law-enforcement agencies,” Collins said. “I do not believe this is the case and that if it holds information that indicates that offences may have been committed, this must be shared with the relevant law-enforcement agencies.”

He is only one politician, but Collins has a case.

Shouldn’t the public and the global soccer community be able to read and here about what elected members of an executive committee have been up to?

This is not about a witch hunt, it’s more so about receiving information that we can make judgement on. Shouldn’t this information be out in the open as President Sepp Blatter tries to get to the bottom of this once and for all?

Time will tell if details leak out, but right now it seems like any kind of alleged skulduggery at FIFA will not be made public for the foreseeable future.

Is that right?