Former player accuses ousted Fulham manager Magath of insane cheese story


Felix Magath’s reign at Fulham had its ups and downs.

No sorry, scratch that, they were all downs.

With his tenure bursting at the seams with stories of insanely harsh – and often downright weird – treatment of players, there comes a new one that takes the cake.

Former Fulham captain Danny Murphy revealed on BBC’s Match of the Day program that Felix Magath told former defender Brede Hangeland to treat an ailing knee with cheese.

Well, sort of.

With Hangeland’s knee bothering him throughout preseason before his sale to Crystal Palace, Murphy revealed the German instructed Hangeland to cover his knee in quark, a German yogurt-like substance similar to cottage cheese. (I know what you’re thinking, and no, I will not be making a Craven Cottage Cheese joke, go away). Hangeland had to leave it on not only during the entirety of a training session, but also overnight according to Murphy.

Best part is, Magath didn’t totally deny it.  The manager released a statement intended on hitting back at Hangeland’s story, but he failed to fully deny it happened. In fact, he confirmed it!

“He had an injury to the knee (inflammation),” Magath said in a statement on his Facebook page. “I mentioned that he could try using an old technique of wrapping the knee with quark, which is used to decrease the inflammation. I would never tell a Doctor how he should manage the injury to a player, but it seems that this story has been wrongly told and blown completely out of context.”

If you think this is crazy…well…it is. But it’s not the only ridiculous thing Magath did in his time at Craven Cottage Cheese OH DARN IT it was unavoidable.

During preseason, the team took a trip to Austria and Magath told them to run up a mountain to earn their lunch. Even the staff had to participate! Although they got some leniency. The evidence:

Tweets from Fulham’s Player Care manager referring back to this story about Magath while he was manager of Wolfsburg. Players also posted Instagram pictures of their destination:

I think it’s safe to say Fulham players, staff, and fans are delighted Magath has left the building. Brace yourselves for any other stories that may emerge, for which I can assure you will happen.

Unfortunately, it may be too late to save the club’s immediate future. “It [Magath’s tenure] has put Fulham in a world of trouble now because all the good and experienced players that we had last season were desperate to leave and did so as quick as they could,” Murphy said.

Magath defended himself, saying, “I am convinced English football has something to learn from German qualities.” To which Murphy replied, “All he has to offer is to show other people how not to do it.”

He’s right. Everyone spare a thought for the club that was in the Premier League a year ago and now sits with one point from eight matches at the bottom of the Championship table.