Miguel Herrera: ‘My daughters send me the memes and I enjoy them’ (video)


If you’re a fan of Mexico, the World Cup, Men in Blazers, soccer or just plain life itself, then you love El Tri manager Miguel Herrera. And for that we salute you and reward you with… more Herrera!

Over the weekend ‘Piojo’ appeared on a Sports TV show Univision Deportes to talk about Mexico’s World Cup run and his pipe dreams of molding them into a superstar. Naturally, Javier Hernandez’ name popped up and so did his double for Real Madrid last weekend.

The whole topic set Herrera off in a good way, claiming Chicharito’s brace was ‘sensational’ and that, surely, he’s already become a better player since leaving Manchester United. The playful Herrera also spoke about all the memes he spawned from his World Cup antics and how he loves each and every one that his daughters send his way.

If you don’t speak Spanish then you’ll have to get your read on but regardless, it’s hard not to love this guy.