Garry Monk whines about Stadium of Light grass after Swansea held by Sunderland


A listless 0-0 draw graced the Stadium of Light, and according to the visiting boss, it’s largely thanks to the cut of grass.

“The pitch wasn’t cut to the length we have ours cut to,” said Monk after the match. “It wasn’t as conducive to playing flowing football as we’re used to. It was also very soft and the ball flicked up off the top surface.”

Ok then.

“I’m not saying that’s the reason we didn’t play well but the grass obviously contributed. There’s a regulation maximum length but that was probably at the highest level”

It was a bit of a baffling excuse given by Monk, after a fantastic start to the season despite the draw. Sure, the result is disappointing, but looking big picture the Swans sit just six points off Chelsea’s early padded lead and have looked bright.

Then, after throwing that out there for all to chew on, he felt like back-tracking a bit.

“It’s no excuse though. We’ve had much worse, we’ve trained on cow fields in the past and still played good football.”

Cow fields can’t stop us! Well apparently they can.

Sunderland’s Gus Poyet, still looking for the club’s first win of the year, wasn’t amused. Actually, it was more like complete disinterest. “I don’t have a clue about grass-cutting,” Poyet stated.

Swansea’s Ki Sung-Yeung summed up all the talk of grass cuts and cow fields quite well. “A bit boring to be honest.”

Yea, well so was the match. So nobody’s surprised.