Zlatan takes a shot at Pep Guardiola


Zlatan Ibrahimovic is a man who tells it as it is. This time, he’s taking a shot at Pep Guardiola over decisions made in 2010.

It is no secret Zlatan and Guardiola had their differences at Barcelona. The striker’s time in Spain was often tumultuous, leading to a loan to Milan that turned into a permanent deal.

When asked about Barcelona’s run in 2010, which saw them knocked out of the Champions League in the semifinals, Zlatan took a slight dig at his manager when looking back on their failures.

“We had the best team in the world, for sure. But we failed to win the Champions League because of bad decisions from someone. But it’s like that. It’s nothing to complain about today. You have to forget it because I had great moments at Barcelona.”

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This is not the first time Zlatan has made fiery comments about his former coach. In his autobiography “I am Zlatan,” the Swedish striker calls out Guardiola for being a coward.

 I told him that if I don’t fit here, you have to please tell me that. But all I got was sweet talk: ‘Ibra you are a super player, you do everything right.’ But I still ended up on the bench. He sacrificed me for Messi and didn’t have the guts to tell me. He’s a fantastic coach, but he’s a coward. He’s not a man.”

Four years later, it’s interesting to see how Zlatan and Guardiola’s relationship is still clearly strained. Ibrahimovic will face Barcelona this week in Champions League play, although Guardiola is now the manager at Bayern Munich.

These are strong words from a player who doesn’t have the greatest reputation as a team player, especially towards one of the best managers in the world.

But then again, it’s just Zlatan being Zlatan.