FIFA exec says they are looking into reducing Luis Suarez’s ban


FIFA vice president and former CONMEBOL federation chief Eugenio Figueredo told Uruguayan television that it’s possible that FIFA could take a bite out of Luis Suarez’s suspension.

I’m sorry, that was terrible. I’ll leave. Just let me finish the story.

“When a little more time has passed we are going to look at how, politically, this punishment can be softened a little,” Figueredo said to Channel 12 in Uruguay.

Figueredo said at the time of the ban, it was impossible to reduce Suarez’s ban because “it was based on very solid foundations, which were impenetrable from every angle.”

But now he says because Suarez is in a “more comfortable atmosphere” that things could potentially be settled, referring to his transfer from Liverpool to Barcelona.

So basically because everyone was outraged right after the World Cup that he bit someone, there was no way to reduce the suspension, but now that enough time has passed and people have forgotten about it or eased their anger, they can lessen the ban.

Which is a great look, FIFA. The organization was lauded for the way they handled Suarez’s punishment for a third infraction of horrifying on-field behavior, and now that people have stopped giving it attention, they will cave to club pressure and drop his suspension.

As it stands, Suarez is eligible to return October 24th, which would put him in line to play the next day in El Clasico against Real Madrid. It’s a bit surprising FIFA just doesn’t stick with that, as it would make for a great story, but alas, Barcelona may yet win this round.