Angel Di Maria delighting in warm welcome from Manchester United


At No.5 on the highest transfers fees of all-time, behind Gareth Bale, Cristiano Ronaldo, Luis Suarez and James Rodriguez, Manchester United’s new summer signing, Angel Di Maria has settled in nicely in the Premier League.

After leaving Real Madrid for about a $95.3 million fee, the Argentine midfielder has told reporters that he’s truly relished the opportunity to perform at such a storied club.

“Leaving a club like Real and coming to as big a club as Manchester United makes you grow as a player and helps you progress in your career,” he said to MUTV. “It was a very important moment and I’m really happy here.

“With every day that goes by, I feel much more relaxed and settled here. I’ve got a house and my family are happy.”

And kindness that fans have ushered his way have also made the transitional period wonderful.

“Since the day I arrived, people have shown real warmth towards me — at every corner kick or free-kick, or even during open play, every time I have the ball I feel they’re right behind me,” he said. “That always makes you feel even happier. Let’s hope things go well for me so I can be here for many years to come.”

Di Maria hasn’t disappointed in the face of United’s struggles, and the deft playmater will serve as a key component for the Red Devils as the season moves along. The former Real man has displayed his ability to strike by scoring two goals thus far, which would put him on pace to record his career-best tally.