Africa Cup of Nations could keep Wilfried Bony at Swansea


Wilfried Bony transfer rumors have been swirling since he burst into the Premier League with 16 goals for Swansea City last season.

With the January transfer window approaching quicker than you may think, Bony quelled rumors that Swansea plan to move the Ivorian striker.

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January is when the Africa Cup of Nations takes place, a bi-annual tournament to crown the best national team on the continent, similar to Europe’s Euro Cup.

However, the Africa Cup of Nations is played during the European season, meaning players could miss nearly a month of playing time with their domestic clubs.

Bony, who has represented the Ivory Coast in the 2012 Africa Cup of Nations as well as this summer’s World Cup, said if called by the his country, he would take a hiatus from Swansea to play.

Because he would miss a month of the domestic season, Bony does not believe many clubs would make a strong push to acquire his services.

Bony tallied his first goal of the season this past weekend against Newcastle and looked threatening throughout the match. If he can continue to improve his form and score goals, teams may think his talent is worth a month’s delay.